What forms are required in the application process?

In addition to the questions contained in the application, the following documents are required as part of your submission.

  • Proposed Project Budget- A budget detailing the proposed expenditures over the course of the grant term.  Any format is acceptable, however the more detailed the budget the better.  Please include general category descriptions of the expenses by spending category. All organizations must fill out a budget or they will not be eligible to receive funding.  Upon award you will be responsible for each expenditure and must provide a quarterly report regarding progress, in addition to backup documentation such as invoices. 

  • Budget Narrative – This attachment can be in any format the applicant chooses.  It should clearly articulate the spending categories contained in the Proposed Project Budget and how they relate to the overall proposal.  Please be detailed so the readers are able to understand exactly what is being proposed.

  • IRS 990 Statement – Please upload the most recent statement available for your organization.

  • Audited Financial Statements – Please upload the most recent available financial statements of the organization.

  • Current Operating Budget – Please upload a copy of the operating budget of the organization.

  • IRS 501(c)(3) Letter – Please include a copy of the IRS determination letter for the organization.

  • W-9 Form – Please upload a signed w-9.

**The documents must be attached to your application. If you cannot provide a particular document, please upload a statement explaining why. 

In addition to the documents required for application, upon award, the City of Beverly will require some additional documentation up to and including the following;

  • Grant Agreement documents

  • SF-424 Application for Federal Assistance- The ARPA grant program is the same as a federal grant application in which the applicant is required to file a federal assistance form. Instructions on how to fill the form are on the website. Sections that are highlighted and bolded must be filled out in particular. Do the best you can with filling this out. 

  • Disclosure of Lobbying Activities- this form is required on federal applications and ensures your organization has not engaged in lobbying activities. 

  • Certification of Debarment and Suspension- this form is to be filled to ensure your organization has not been convicted of fraud or suspended for any reason.

  • Title VI Civil Rights Act Compliance- this form is required by the Treasury Department to ensure an organization commits to fair practices under the Civil Rights Act.  

  • Other Federal Assurance related documentation that may be required for Federal awards.

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