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Messages from Mayor Cahill

Jan 21

[ARCHIVED] October 16, 2020

The original item was published from January 21, 2021 2:09 PM to January 26, 2021 11:32 AM

Hi. This is Mayor Mike Cahill with some guidance for safely celebrating Halloween in Beverly. But first, for anyone coming to City Hall to drop off your mail in ballot – 1) you must park your car in a legal parking space - no live parking as you may hinder our police officers when they need to respond to an emergency call; and 2) the ballot drop box is located outside City Hall at the back corner of the building. Thank you. Now, while the annual Downtown Trick or Treat event has been cancelled, there will be neighborhood Trick or Treating in Beverly on Saturday, October 31st from 5-8 PM. It will be our responsibility together to help our kids safely keep some of the familiar in their Halloween. This does not mean that anything goes. We all need to set some strict parameters to keep both kids and adults safe and prevent Halloween from becoming a COVID-19 spreader. Early next week, we will post guidance for trick or treating on the COVID page of the city website – Please familiarize yourself with these recommendations and follow them. Here are key things we all need to do – and I ask you now with all my heart – please listen and please think of others first: Families should enjoy Halloween this year in small family groups outdoors. Please do not host or participate in any larger events – either indoors or outdoors. Transmission of the virus is increasing in many Massachusetts communities, and these recommendations are about helping your children safely enjoy Halloween. Do not let your actions put anyone’s health at risk. As for Trick or Treating, anyone who is not comfortable giving out candy this year, please leave your outdoor lights off and the kids will continue on to the next house. If you participate, please avoid putting candy in a bowl; instead, spread the candy out on a table, where each child can take a piece and go. Or prepare small grab bags of candy to put out. If you can, leave hand sanitizer out on the table for the kids to use. Parents, since we know the virus can live on surfaces for a period of time, you might choose to buy some of your children’s favorite candies and have them enjoy these while they let their Trick or Treat bounty sit aside for a couple of days before diving in. All kids and parents should wear face coverings while walking around even outdoors. And since Halloween costume masks are not a substitute for a face covering, try to have your kids incorporate a face mask into the design of their costume. While out, please move in small groups and keep your group a safe distance from other groups as you go. Some families with kids will decide that Trick or Treat isn’t right for you this year. I hope you have a Happy Halloween in whatever way you choose to celebrate. Last, anyone who feels sick should stay home and not participate in giving out candy. Taking these key steps of wearing a mask, keeping our distance, gathering only in small groups outdoors, and washing our hands, we can provide our children a safe and Happy Halloween this year. Thank you, All.