Messages from Mayor Cahill

Jan 21

[ARCHIVED] July 3, 2020

The original item was published from January 21, 2021 2:38 PM to January 26, 2021 11:29 AM

Hi.  This is Mayor Mike Cahill checking in as we head into the holiday weekend.  I hope you are well and looking forward to a safe celebration of our Nation’s Independence Day.  This will clearly be a different 4th of July for us all, fighting a new virus that is at its most dangerous now since we don’t have a vaccine. The fact that COVID-19 can be spread easily by people who show no symptoms means that many of us who contract the virus have and will continue to spread it to those in our community and our own families who will be most at risk of death or long lasting serious illness. Please understand this.  The outdoors is not a vaccine.  While we can be safer outdoors, the young middle schoolers I saw the other night at the playground – a group of six girls and boys inches away from each other – no masks – yelling and laughing in each other’s faces, and playing as we’d expect in normal times – they were putting each other and other people in their lives at risk. The adult couples who congregate in a friends’ yard socializing on back patios within a couple of feet of each other – No masks – are putting people at risk. I get it.  We all want to see our friends and our families.  And outdoors can be safer.  But when we don’t keep our distance and we don’t wear face coverings, outdoors becomes a place where we can and do spread the virus. So, my one request, my one plea – and I make this out of the love I have, and I know we all have, for our community and for all the people in each of our lives – Please, whatever you do and wherever you go this weekend, keep a safe distance from each other and please wear a face covering. As public health experts remind us, it will still be at best months before a vaccine will be available – these strategies - keeping a distance, wearing face coverings, and washing hands - are the only and best defenses we have right now for keeping each other safe.  Thank you for listening and for doing your part.  I wish you a Happy American Independence Day, A Happy 4th of July.