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Jan 26

July 7, 2020

Posted on January 26, 2021 at 11:30 AM by Garrett Whitney

There is much good work underway in Beverly and much planned for this summer and beyond, as we strive together to fulfill our promise as a welcoming, supportive community for all our residents and all who visit us. Unfortunately, this past Saturday, the actions of a few Beverly residents in Beverly Farms again highlighted that we all have more miles to travel together. We all understand that this year’s Beverly Farms 4th of July parade was rightly cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. Even so, a group held their own parade. In doing so, some groups crossed the line of decency and basic kindness. One group displayed a sign targeting two private individuals and by extension their families with a message of hate. Another group displayed a racist sign that sought to scapegoat an entire group of people. Then, the parade committee sent out an e-mail endorsing and celebrating these actions, further highlighting the racist attack by posting a picture of this sign in their e-mail. This is all completely wrong and unacceptable, and things have to change. We cannot watch this overt bullying and racism and be silent. Beverly is a great community, and we all have work to do still. Condemning these actions is part of this work. Further, the conversations and actions necessary to become an actively and intentionally anti-racist and loving city are so important, and we welcome everyone to the table. The first public conversations are being scheduled and we will share information publicly and with anyone who sends us your contact information. To stay informed of our initiatives and progress, and to be notified of opportunities to participate, please sign up using the link below. Thank you, All. Unify Beverly Mailing List