Smart Boxes


SMART Boxes are non-toxic trapping units that catch rodents above ground. When a rodent enters the trap, sensors detect movement and body heat. A catch function is activated, immediately killing the rodent with an electrical current. The rodent is deposited into a plastic bag in a closed container. The trap is then automatically reset and ready for action again.

  • SMART Boxes do not use toxic bait. They are also securely installed and locked, so they’re safe for people, other animals, and the environment. 
  • SMART Boxes monitor and record rodent activity 24/7, and they send alerts directly to Modern Pest when activity is detected. Modern Pest services each box every 48 hours or sooner, if needed. The City will also use the data from the SMART Boxes to inform ongoing mitigation strategies.


The City and Modern Pest selected four diverse, strategic areas of the city for the pilot program. These areas were identified as “hot spots” using 311 Constituent Services data and Inspectional Services ticketing information. SMART Boxes are installed in high-traffic areas and secured at each site.

Downtown Beverly - High traffic, mixed used area with a diverse mix of commercial businesses and residential living spaces, as well as bus stops, a train station, and two major thoroughfares through town.

Lynch Park - A seaside public park that features a rose garden, function facility, concession stand, and can be accessed by the adjacent neighborhoods.

Park Street - A high-traffic area with a mix of residences, commercial businesses, public transportation, and park space.