Mattress Recycling

New Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) rules require mattresses and textiles be kept out of the trash so they can be recycled or donated for reuse. These items are no longer accepted in weekly household trash as a bulk item. 

Getting rid of a mattress or box spring? Beverly residents have the following options:


  1. Contact the store from where your new mattress will be delivered and request that they remove your old mattress during delivery.
  2. NEW! Curbside mattress pick-up: The City of Beverly has contracted with Tough Stuff Recycling to offer mattress pick-up and recycling services. Residents can schedule a pick-up at a discounted rate of $30/mattress and/or $30/box spring directly by calling Tough Stuff Recycling 909-907-0809. For best results speak with customer service, do not go to their website. Review guidelines for pick-up: Mattresses and box springs must be:
  • Placed curbside on public property by 7 AM on the day of your appointment
  • Free of bed bugs or other insects/vermin (if you believe your mattress has bedbugs, call the Health Department)
  • Clean (can handle some wear and tear)
  • In a mattress bag (Free mattress bags will be available for pick-up from City Hall (191 Cabot St.) Engineering Department for Beverly residents with a Tough Stuff appointment scheduled (proof required at the time of pick up) 

3. Drop off your mattress at a recycling facility. The closest facilities are UTEC ($30/unit) in Lowell, MA and Tough Stuff ($22/unit) in Fitchburg, MA. Both require a scheduled drop-off appointment.


Many people could benefit from a mattress in good condition - consider finding a home for your gently used mattress through Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, NextDoor, etc. 


80% of your mattress can be reused including the metal, foam padding, cotton and wooden frames. Upcycling your mattress is a great way to give your mattress a second life. Most mattress can be broken down for individual parts, which can often be sold or re-used for DIY projects (e.g., dog beds). 

Additional information from MassDEP can be found at