Scope Of Work

Ongoing  DEI&B Work

Diversifying City WorkforceDeveloping and analyzing vision statements across the city of Beverly government and collaborating with department heads on strategic vision planning for best representation of a diverse talent pipeline through attracting diverse talent, creating equitable hiring practices, inclusive onboarding, and soliciting employee feedback. 
Maintaining and improving access to open positions in city government. Planning and implementing equitable application, hiring and onboarding processes. Providing training for department heads and managers on social identity and racial equity. 

Tracking, measuring and reporting how we are building an equitable city in Beverly, MA. Through a thermostat inspired DEI&B strategy. Working with Human Resources in raising  awareness through interrupting and reporting microaggressions, understanding DEI concepts, and recognizing unconscious bias.

EconomicsDeveloping educational programs to improve the credit, homeownership, business opportunities and wealth accumulation for underserved communities. Providing free race equity and ADA workshops for City of Beverly businesses, organizations and institutions looking to embed equity in how they serve our residents.
EducationSupporting the examining of curriculum changes, building a more diverse curriculum in arts and culture for representation and providing opportunities to our students. With teachers, administrators and parents working together to advance equity across all community.
Public HealthWorking with our public health department on a community health survey and Beverly Hospital to find ways to better educate and bridge gaps in fair distribution of health care opportunities and outcomes. 
Community outreach and trust building initiatives to promote overall health.
Public SafetyBuilding a diverse police workforce, developing a better understanding of successes and shortcomings through community conversations and other means of engagement to create safe communities. Provide race equity workshops and connected community opportunities. 
Arts& CultureSupport city wide goals in diverifying arts, music and cultural programming for staff and residents. Promoting more cultural awareness and understanding of the diverse groups that call Beverly home.