Mission Statement

The City of Beverly, through it's Office of DEIB, provides accessible, inclusive support to our growing community as we work with Beverly's diverse constituency to belong and thrive.

A letter from the Director for Diversity, Equity,

 Inclusiounnamedn and Belonging

Dear patriots,

I hope you are healthy, well, and having a wonderful spring. It is such an honor and privilege to share my first message in the Office for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging first newsletter.

I joined the City of Beverly government because I wanted to be part of Mayor Cahill’s vision to become a national exemplar of anti-racism and inclusive excellence. This vision is one that is brave, bold, and will require the entire Beverly community to be involved. During my first few months, my focus has been on getting to know the Beverly community more –both in leadership and community. I have had the opportunity to meet over 50 people from the Beverly community and learn about many of our DEI initiatives. Through these conversations, it has become clear that the Beverly community is ready to build on decades of DEI work to position Beverly to be the model city for anti-racism and inclusive excellence. 

So, what is the model city we strive to become? For Beverly, it is one where: We are deliberate in establishing an inclusive environment in which all communities are welcomed and supported; experience a sense of belonging; and differing perspectives are valued and encouraged. We are committed to equal opportunity across the board, and will use best practices to challenge and respond to bias, discrimination, and harassment. 

Anti-racism and inclusive excellence becoming foundational in every program, process, policy, and procedure within the city. As we work together to become leaders in anti-racism and inclusive excellence, we aim to use our DEIB newsletter as one mechanism to share outcomes, be transparent, and hold ourselves accountable. 

Our vision is brave and bold and your involvement is necessary to become the national exemplar we desire to become. As you read through the newsletter, if you find that you have ideas, questions, or want to get involved, let me know by emailing wfahari@beverlyma.gov


Wangari Fahari

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

The City of Beverly's Racial Equity Audit Report

is complete and available to view HERE

The City of Beverly has retained the consulting services of HR&A Advisors to conduct a racial equity audit of our city policies, procedures and programs. The racial equity audit will help to ensure we are acting with intent to assess whether and how past institutional practices of racism and unconscious bias have and continue to influence city policies and practices within the City of Beverly. We welcome your commitment and partnership in working towards these goals and building a more diverse, inclusive and equitable Beverly.