Beverly & Salem Energy Challenge

Introducing the Beverly & Salem Energy Challenge!

As a high priority action from the Resilient Together climate action plan, we launched the Beverly & Salem Energy Challenge in Spring 2022 to help residents access energy efficiency benefits and feel more comfortable at home. 

In 2022, over 1,000 Beverly & Salem residents have completed a free home energy assessment, and over 200 completed weatherization projects. 

Click here to read Mayor Cahill's letter to Beverly residents in August 2023.  

Home Electrification and Heat Pumps

Updates about new federal incentives are coming soon! We will share one exciting announcement now:

Are you exploring a heat pump solution to heat and cool your home? While we always recommend that residents get multiple quotes for heating system upgrades, we know it can be tricky to decide how to move forward. As part of the Beverly & Salem Energy Challenge, the Cities of Beverly and Salem have partnered with Abode Energy Management to provide free consultations and quote comparison reviews to help you select a contractor and a system that works best for your home. These consultations are available for a limited time on a first come first served basis. Schedule your free consultation today.

Free 1:1 energy coaching with Green09.14.21-green beverly gb-100 Beverly

Green Beverly has partnered with the City to provide free one-to-one coaching for renters, homeowners, and property owners/managers as it relates to energy efficiency. Green Beverly has a team of knowledgeable 'coaches' (our neighbors) that can access your specific situation and offer guidance and suggestions. These topics of expertise range from energy conservation, to heating/cooling options, to appliances, to clean energy. Please contact Green Beverly for your free 1:1 coaching session here.

Interested in learning more you can do? 

Climate Action Toolkit

The Resilient Together Climate Action Toolkit for Residents brings together tips, how-to guides, and resources to help Beverly community members save money, cut emissions, reduce waste, and conserve resources.