Artist in Residence Pilot Program

New Artist in Residence (AiR) Pilot Program!

The Beverly Arts District (BAD), through the City of Beverly and its partners, is excited to announce the City’s first Artist in Residence pilot program. Through this pilot program, the selected artist will be provided with studio space in the Beverly Arts District at no cost to the artist as well as a monthly stipend to support the artist’s work. The City is seeking one (1) creative individual to fill the position of Artist in Residence, lasting for a term of approximately three (3) months. Artist support will be provided by the Creative Collective and the City of Beverly. 

The 2021 Artist in Residence pilot program serves to contribute to the recovery of the Beverly Arts District, located in downtown Beverly, from the impacts of COVID-19, with the following goals: 

  • Activate a vacant storefront as a part-time artist’s studio and attract foot-traffic to the Beverly Arts District.
  • Provide stipend to an artist.
  • Feature the City’s COVID-19 recovery in art, whether it be in the art pieces, through community engagement, a gallery show, or preferably a combination.

Artists Apply Here! 


Application deadline is now Sunday, July 18, 2021 by 10:00pm. Contact Planning Director, Darlene Wynne with any questions.