Solar farm over former landfill on Brimbal Avenue


As of December 2020, this 5 megawatt DC solar farm is up and running! 

The City of Beverly engaged BlueWave to design, install, own, operate, and maintain a 4,903 kW solar development on top of a former City-owned landfill at the end of Otis Road off of Brimbal Avenue. The landfill closed in 1999 and is now covered by 12,250 solar PV panels covering 14.3 acres, producing enough electricity to power 745 homes for a year. 37% of the energy produced on this site is subscribed to Beverly Public Schools.  

This is also a community solar project, and 108 Beverly residents subscribed to the now sold-out program. Subscribers will have begun to accrue energy credits in February 2021 and will begin to see credits reducing their National Grid electric bill in April 2021. If you are a subscriber and have questions, please contact Walter Edstrom at 617-420-1434 or

72 small businesses from across the Commonwealth have also subscribed to the program.