Fire Safety Topics

Candle-Safety-LogoCANDLE SAFETY (PDF) - Candle Fire Safety Information

Woodstove-IconCHIMNEY/WOODSTOVE SAFETY (PDF) - Safe use of Fireplaces and Chimneys

CO-Detector-IconCO SAFETY FLYER (PDF) - Carbon Monoxide Safety

Put-a-Lid-on-it-iconCOOKING FIRE SAFETY (PDF) - Safety in the Kitchen/Cooking Tips

Dryer-Safety-IconDRYER SAFETY (PDF)- Prevent Dryer Fires

Electrical Plug-IconELECTRICAL SAFETY (PDF) - Preventing Electrical Fires at Home

Smoke Detector-IconFIRE SAFETY TIPS (PDF) - General Fire Safety

GENERATOR SAFETY (PDF) - Generator Safety

Child dressed as witch for HalloweenHALLOWEEN SAFETY (PDF) - Halloween Safety Tips

Oxygen Tank-IconHOME OXYGEN (PDF) - Using Home Oxygen Safely

Hurricane-Safety-IconHURRICANE SAFETY (PDF) -  Hurricane Safety Information

drawing of child dressed in winter clothesICE SAFETY (PDF) - Ice and Cold Water Safety

Drawing of House with Chimney & Smoke KEEP WARM KEEP SAFE (PDF) - Cold Weather Heating Tips

Space-Heater-IconSPACE HEATER SAFETY (PDF) - Space Heater Fire Safety

Sun-IconSUMMER SAFETY (PDF) - Summer Fire Safety

Drawing of a snowmanWINTER SAFETY (PDF) - Winter Fire Safety