Boards & Commissions

Affordable Housing Trust

The mission of the Affordable Housing Trust is to maximize access to affordable housing in Beverly for low- to moderate-income households. The Affordable Housing Trust is funded through contributions from developers under Section 300-108B(2), the inclusionary Zoning Ordinance and associated regulations, funds appropriated under the Community Preservation Act (CPA), MGL Chapter 44B and Chapter 267 of the Acts 2000 as amended, and other potential sources.

Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Committee studies the needs, possibilities, and resources of the City regarding community preservation. The committee makes recommendations to the City Council for the acquisition, creation, preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of open space, historic resources, land for recreational use, community housing, and more.

Conservation Commission

The purpose of the Conservation Commission is to protect, promote, and enhance the quantity and quality of the natural resources within the City, especially wetlands, wildlife and water resources, through planning, acquisition, land management, regulation, scientific research and public education. The Commission is responsible for reviewing and permitting all work (construction, cutting, grading, or new landscaping, etc.) in or near wetlands, ponds, rivers, and coastal areas in the City of Beverly, and is responsible for implementing and enforcing the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and its implementing regulations, as well as the local wetlands ordinance and its implementing regulations. The Commission works with the Open Space & Recreation Committee on developing and implementing the City's Open Space and Recreation Plan.

Design Review Board

The Design Review Board reviews items for which building permits are sought and all proposals before the City Council, Board of Appeals, or Planning Board when such permits or proposals concern projects involving new construction or additions amounting to a twenty-five-percent or greater expansion of existing structures as set forth in Chapter 300, Zoning, of the City Code in the Central Business (CC), Neighborhood Commercial (CN), General Commercial (CG), Restricted Industrial (IR), General Industrial (IG), and Waterfront District (WD) zones. The Board also reviews all signs requiring a sign permit from the Director of Municipal Inspections.

Economic & Community Development Council

The mission of the Economic & Community Development Council is to enhance the city's economic infrastructure by facilitating investments that build capacity, create jobs, generate economic opportunity, and ultimately improve quality of life. To ensure the City's economic development goals are achieved, the Council advises the Mayor on the development and implementation of specific economic development programs, supports development projects aligned with City goals and objectives, advocates for changes to regulations and procedures, and develops methods to attract and retain business.

Historic District Commission

The Beverly Historic Districts Commission oversees Beverly's Fish Flake Hill Local Historic District, reviewing proposed construction and alterations that affect exterior architectural features of buildings within the district and issuing a determination with respect to such projects. The Commission also fulfills the responsibilities of a historical commission, overseeing the City's Demolition Delay Ordinance and serving as an advisory body on historic preservation-related issues and projects.  The Commission reviews and provides recommendations on subjects including (but not limited to) the inventory and documentation of historic resources; the nomination of places within the city to the National Register of Historic Places; new development or redevelopment projects that will impact significant historic resources; and public outreach efforts regarding historic preservation.

Open Space & Recreation Committee

The Open Space & Recreation Committee advises the Mayor, City Council, City departments, private organizations and the general public on matters concerning open space and recreation, and works to acquire and preserve land and ecosystems within Beverly. The Committee's functions include preparing updating a five-year open space and recreation plan for current and future use, preparing a continuing inventory of open space in the City, researching and recommending financing alternatives for acquisition and preservation of open space and the development of recreational facilities, and recommending any changes in state and local laws to facilitate acquisition and preservation of open space.

Parking & Traffic Commission

The Parking and Traffic Commission is established to control and regulate the present municipal lots, both owned and rented by the City (which control and regulation is subject to the approval of the Mayor and City Council), and to monitor and make recommendations regarding traffic flow and patterns within the City of Beverly. The Commission makes recommendations to the Mayor, City Council, and municipal boards and commissions pertaining to the development of new parking areas, the impact of new development on traffic patterns, and rules and regulations pertaining to parking and traffic, including loading zones, etc.

Planning Board

In accordance with MGL c. 41, §§ 70 to 72, and MGL c. 41, §§ 81A through 81GG, the Planning Board makes careful studies of the resources, possibilities and needs of the town, particularly with respect to conditions detrimental to public health or otherwise in and about rented dwellings, and make plans for the development of the municipality, with special reference to proper housing of its inhabitants. The Board examines the plans for the exterior of any public building, monument or similar feature, and for the development and treatment of the grounds about the same before the adoption thereof, and may make such recommendations as needed.