City Assessors

The Assessing Office is managed by the Assessor and also the three member Board of Assessors.

Fiscal Year 2024 Tax Rates

  • Residential - $11.23
  • Commercial - $21.94

*Per $1000 of assessed value


The primary duty of the City Assessors Office is the assignment of property value to all property owners in the City according to the requirements of Massachusetts General Laws. The Assessors Office also works to:

  • Establish the fair market value of all property (13,026 real estate parcels and 1,566 personal property accounts) in the City and notification of such value to all owners of such property as of January 1 of each year
  • Maintain records substantiating all assessments made
  • Prepare and issue commitments for the collection of property taxes and motor vehicle and boat excises to the City Collector
  • Act on all abatement and exemption applications filed and represent the City in proceedings before the Appellate Tax Board
  • Review all building permits to determine impact on valuation of property

Assessor Forms