Wildlife & Rabies

Animal Control Officers do not have the authority to assist landowners with nuisance wildlife. A Problem Animal Control Agent licensed by the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife must be hired. The Animal Control Officers will respond to a wildlife call when it poses a threat to the public or has had direct human contact. It is recommended that residents avoid contact with wild animals and report animals that appear sick or injured to the Beverly Police Department at 978-922-1212. 

Residents should not allow their pets to run at large. For further information concerning rabies, contact the Animal Control Officer, the Board of Health or your Veterinarian. A list of Problem Animal Control Agents can be found by contacting the Animal Control Office at 978-605-2361 or at the Massachusetts state website.

Rabies Vaccinations

It cannot be stressed enough to have your pets vaccinations up to date! It is not only the law, but doing so could save its life and prevent the need for human family members to undergo expensive rabies treatments.

Rabies Clinic

Rabies clinics are held the first Wednesday in May from 4 to 6 pm each year. Dogs must be on a leash and cats must be in a carrier.