When Temperatures Drop Below Freezing

When temperatures drop below freezing do not leave your pets outdoors. Dogs need outdoor exercise, but take care not to keep them outdoors for lengthy periods of time during very cold weather. Pets that are kept mostly indoors need time to adapt to cold temperatures. This is done by building up a thicker coat and toughening their foot pads for ice and snow.

During extreme weather conditions, dogs and cats are safer indoors. Pets that spend a greater amount of time outdoors in the winter need more food. Maintaining warmth is hard work and depletes energy. 

Check Their Water

Routinely check your pet's water dish to ensure water is fresh and not frozen. To prevent your pet's tongue from freezing to its feeding or drinking bowl, plastic, rather than metal food and water bowls are preferred. 

Dog Sweaters

Consider putting a sweater on your dog when you go outside if you have a hairless or smooth-coated breed.