Employee Perks

New for Summer 2023!

Working Advantage 

Employee Discount Program

Save Big on Hundreds of Brands

Travel, Entertainment, Electronics, Gifts & More!

Your work-life balance and general well-being are as important to us as the work you contribute. That's why we’re excited to offer your Working Advantage Discount Program, your one-stop shop for exclusive and convenient savings on the products, services, and experiences you know and love.  It’s cost-free and easy to enroll. Just visit Working Advantage and ***use the company code BeverlyFUN*** to begin receiving discounts on: 

  • Electronics 

  • Appliances 

  • Theme Parks 

  • Hotels 

  • Movie Tickets 

  • Rental Cars 

  • Gift Cards 

  • Apparel 

  • Cars 

  • Flowers 

  • Fitness Memberships 

  • Groceries 

  • Special Events 

  • And More! 

Working Advantage Program Flyer (PDF)


Benefit eligible employees now have access to the full premium version of the CALM app ($70/yr value) for free!

Calm 1 Jasper Lake

What is Calm?

Calm features content to help with some of the world’s most important mental health issues (anxiety, insomnia, and stress to name a few). The programs are designed to support feelings of creativity, calm, resilience, happiness, and success.

Here's a little of what Calm has to offer...

...Sleep Stories from Matthew Mcconaughey, Michael Buble (& dozens of others) to settle your mind and help with insomnia, 

...Tips from Lebron James for improving Mental Fitness,

...Hundreds of hours of Music engineered to help you focus, relax or sleep,

...Masterclasses to help with breaking bad habits, mindful eating, gratitude & discovering happiness, 

...Calming nature scenes & sounds for relaxing & winding down,

...Calm Body sessions - 10 minute guided video lessons for stretching, releasing tension or recharging,

...Breathe Bubble exercises to settle nerves & help to reconnect by pausing to focus on your breaths

...Hundreds of hours of guided Meditations to manage anxiety and stress, including Medication for Kids and The Daily Calm.

Calm Tiles Sleep Stories Image

Here's a note from Calm on how to access your benefit:

Employees eligible for free Calm Premium can access their subscription through a unique Calm sign-up link provided by their HR office. Employees will also need to know their unique identifier in order to claim the benefit. 

Calm 2 Rain on Leaves

How to sign up

  1. Visit your company's unique Calm sign-up link or employee login portal on a desktop or mobile browser. We have found that using Google Chrome as the web browser seems to work best. You can find this link in the introductory email you received from HR on September 1st
  2. Sign in to your existing Calm account or create a new account if you do not yet have one.
  3. Enter your unique identifier to validate your eligibility. 
  4. Once you've confirmed eligibility, your account will unlock.

You can now download the mobile app via Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and log in with the Calm account you used to sign up for the offer.

If you receive Calm as a benefit from your employer and need assistance getting started, we recommend reaching out to your benefits administrator for instructions specific to your organization.  

Email Jen at jsmith@beverlyma.gov