Snow & Ice Information

Sidewalk Snow Removal

On April 29, 2021, City Council voted to amend the existing Peace & Good Order ordinance regarding snow removal (Beverly Municipal Code Chapter 215, § 215- 12 " Placing or depositing snow or ice into streets or sidewalks"). These new provisions include: 

  • No person shall place or deposit any ice or snow on any street or sidewalk, or in such a way as to obstruct the access to or operation of any fire hydrant
  • The owner of any building, structure or lot of land abutting upon any sidewalk including any curb ramp/cut shall be responsible for removing snow six hours after snowfall has ended (if snow occurs during the day) or by 1 pm the following day (if snow occurs during the night)
  • The owner of any building, structure or lot of land abutting upon any sidewalk including any curb ramp/cut shall be responsible for making the sidewalk safe (by removing ice and/or covering with sand) within six hours after sidewalk has become icy
  • Violation of the ordinance is a fine of $25.00. If the violation continues, each subsequent 24-hour period will be considered a separate offence and incur a fine of $25.00

If you see a sidewalk that has not been cleared, you may report the location through the MyBeverly app or by clicking here (Report Uncleared Sidewalk).

If you are physically unable to perform snow and ice removal or are 65 years and older AND due to financial hardship are unable to hire someone, you may fill out an exemption form electronically or by downloading the form here. Signed exemption forms may be sent to or dropped off at the Welcome Desk at City Hall in care of Rani Jacobson, Constituent Services Director.

Snow Emergency Parking Ban

An Emergency Parking Ban will be invoked whenever snow or ice is forecasted. DURING THE BAN, NO PARKING ON ANY STREET IS ALLOWED. Flashing BLUE lights at twelve (12) locations throughout the City are a reminder. 

Information for Residents/Business Owners

Information for City Contractors

Municipal Lots & MBTA Lot

Municipal lots available during a snow emergency parking ban.

  • Briscoe Street/Hale Street (across from Central Fire Station)
  • Chapman Street and Federal Street (behind Family Dollar)
  • Congress Street and Summit Avenue (public lot)
  • Franklin Place and Washington Street (between the two streets)
  • MBTA Parking Garage on Rantoul Street (reduced rate during parking ban)*
  • Pond Street (at American Legion/Spear Post)
  • Pond Street (behind Casa Da Moda)

View the public parking map (PDF).

* View parking availability and capacity on Twitter @MBTA_Parking.

Moving Basketball Hoops

Please remove any basketball hoops from the street as they could be destroyed by the heavy equipment that is used. If you have a question or concern you may call the Department of Public Services at 978-921-6053.