Permit Applications & Forms

  • Construction Control Affidavits - Initial, Final, and Phased Construction Control forms and affidavits are available at the State Department of Public Safety website. Submit these forms/affidavits for projects that fall under the Controlled Construction requirements of the State Building Code.
  • Debris Disposal Form (PDF) - This document must accompany all applications for building permits whenever construction debris is being disposed.
  • Flood Hazard Areas - Notice for Work on Existing Buildings (PDF) - Submit this package for alterations/renovations/additions to buildings that are located in a Flood Hazard Area. Refer to our Floodplain Development page for additional information/forms.
  • Homeowner's License/Registration Waiver (PDF) - Submit this form with the building permit application if you are a homeowner who is acting as your own contractor.
  • Request for Enforcement (PDF) - Use this form to file a complaint regarding a possible building code or zoning ordinance violation.
  • Request for Information (PDF) - Use this form to request plans or other documents on file, or to request general information.
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance Affidavit - Worker's Compensation Affidavits can be found at the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents website. This form must be submitted with all building permit applications.

Fire Department Permits