Compost Drop-off Station Pilot

Here's the process to register for free access to the downtown compost drop-off station: 
1) Learn the rules - What can I compost, and how? Here is the full guide:
2) Complete the 
registration form.
3) Receive the combination code in your email in 2-3 business days after we review your form.
4) Get composting! To use the station at the parking lot to Bessie Baker Park, unlock the combination lock on the bin with your code, drop up to two bags of kitchen scraps each week, lock the bin, and scramble the code. For questions about the drop-off program, please contact Erina Keefe at 978.605.2332

Curbside Food Composting

Beverly residents have several options to enroll at any time in a privately run curbside food compost pick-up program directly with a vendor.

The City of Beverly's Waste Reduction Committee launched an incentivized composting program for residents and businesses with Black Earth Compost in 2015. Today, over 1,350 community members participate in this opt-in program.Compost Bin


 The City provides the following incentives for residents who register for the first time to one of the programs listed below:

  • $20 discount on your annual trash bill ($5 discount per quarter) can be applied automatically.
  • A free, (one time only- replacement bins must be purchased) wheeled 13 gallon curbside cart (see photo) or bucket, depending on selected program


Residents should sign-up directly through the vendor's website. The following vendors serve Beverly:

  • Black Earth Compost
    • $91.99/year for weekly service
    • Other incentives:
      • Free finished compost upon request
      • $10 bonus for a referral
      • Optional add-ons for textile pick-up
  • City Compost (Private company, not run by the City of Beverly)
    • $5/weekly service ($260/year); $7/biweekly service (once every two weeks) ; $9/monthly service
    • $7 start-up cost for the 5-gal container
    • Other incentives:
      • Clean, lined 5-gal container is provided every week
      • Finished compost available monthly
      • Optional countertop bin is available for $3 used or $10 new
  • Bootstrap Compost
    • $11/weekly service ($572/year), or $15/biweekly service (once every two weeks)
    • Other incentives:
      • Clean, lined 5-gal container is provided every week
      • Finished compost available upon request
      • Two free pick-ups with a referral
  • Please call Erina Keefe with any composting program questions 978.605.2332

Dive into Composting at Home!

Turn Garbage into Gold Composting at Home Webinar link                                                                     

 How would you like to improve your soil while getting rid of nearly half of your household garbage at the same time? Composting is the answer. Learn how to turn coffee grounds, tea bags, fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, and yard waste into black gold that will transform your soil into rich, fertile earth. Learn how the composting process works and how to best adapt it for your lifestyle. Composting can be done outdoors in a bin or pile, or even indoors in a worm bin. In the end, you will be able to improve the soil in your houseplants, garden or landscape using compost you make from organic waste! Webinar Presenter: • Ann McGovern, Consumer Waste Reduction Coordinator, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection 

6:33 / 1:37:17

Yard Waste (not food) Compost Site

The Yard Waste Compost Site is managed by REPUBLIC  800.323.4285.

  • Peak Season Hours: Monday- Saturday
    8 am to 3:30 pm (March 1 - December 23, unless heavy snow)
  • Off Season Hours: (January 5- February 23) Thursdays ONLY 9am-1pm 
  • 16 Standley Street
    Beverly, MA 01915
  • No sticker is needed - only proof of Beverly residencyWheelbarrow Filled with Spring Yard Waste

The site only accepts yard waste, brush, and branches up to 2 inches in diameter. No food. Plastic bags of any kind are unacceptable, per Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) guidelines.

Additional Information