The Engineering Department plans the construction of water, sewer, and drainage projects, while working with the Highway Department to construct Beverly's streets. The Engineering Department manages and maintains a top-notch GIS system (Geographic Information System), allowing users to access valuable information directly from this website.

The Engineering Department also provides many services for Beverly's residents and businesses. They include:

  • Archiving drawings and service connections
  • Conducting plans and utility records
  • Contractor licensing
  • Managing the three Municipally owned Cemeteries while maintaining all Cemetery records
  • Managing the Trash and Recycling program
  • Taking requests for television / cathode ray tube (TV/CRT) pickup and "white goods"
  • Utility installation inspections
  • Utility permitting
  • Water meter sales

Regional Awards

Watch the National Award Winning New England Chapter of American Public Works video.

Engineering Ward-by-Ward Bulletin

Read the latest Engineering Ward-by-Ward Weekly bulletin.

Engineering Master Rules and Regulations

Click here for the Master Rules and Regulations (PDF)