N-192 Citizens Advisory Committee

The N-192 (or 115KV) Replacement Project Citizens Advisory Committee is a City Council committee that includes residents and abutters from the route, city councilor representatives (currently Ward 2 Councilor Danielle Spang and Ward 4 Councilor Scott Houseman), and representatives from National Grid. All are welcome.

In accordance with the Grant of Location approved of by Beverly City Council on July 5, 2022:

The City Council hereby creates an N-192 Replacement Project Citizens Advisory Committee (the "Committee"), the membership of which shall be determined by the Council. NEP shall meet in person with said Committee at least twice prior to commencing Project-related construction activities and no less than once every month for the first 6 months following the start of Project-related construction and no less than every 3 months thereafter until the conclusion of the Project. The City Council encourages the Commissioner's attendance at said meetings as reasonably practicable. At said meetings, NEP shall hear, respond to, and consider input provided by the Committee concerning the Project and shall provide to the Committee all information reasonably requested by the Committee concerning the Project. This condition is not intended and shall not serve as a maximum limit on the number of times NEP shall meet with said Committee, if the Committee reasonably determines that continuing with a greater frequency of meetings after the first 6 months will constructively serve the exchange of information between the Committee and NEP.


Meetings are held the first and third Thursdays of every month at 5pm in the Barnett Gallery of the Beverly Public Library (main branch). Meetings will be posted on the City's calendar. Sign up for notifications at beverlyma.gov/notifyme.


Agendas are available prior to meetings. View Most Recent Agendas