Recycling Bin and Overflow Trash Bags

Purchase a recycle bin at any retailer:

 Any bin or barrel is acceptable to use as long as it isn’t larger than 32 gallons and does not weigh more than 40 pounds when full


  • For overflow household trash ONLY
  • Available in the event you exceed the two barrel limit
  • No yard waste, recyclables, construction debris or hazardous waste
  • Households are allowed ONE overflow bag per week
  • Available at many local retailers  $10 per roll of 5 bags

Beverly is a Dual Stream Recycling Community

  • Reminder- Beverly is not a single stream community. Paper must be separate from all other recyclables. Plastic bags are unacceptable.

Trash Receptacles

  • Trash Receptacles are available for purchase at most hardware and home improvement stores. They are not available to purchase through the City.
  • The maximum size of Trash Receptacles is 32 gallons, and when filled may not exceed 40 pounds. This rule is rigorously enforced for safety and health reasons.

Curbside Food Waste Composters