The City of Beverly has a long history of supporting and adopting green and sustainable initiatives. In an effort to provide a framework for sustainability, we are using the five categories below to organize citywide initiatives:

  1. Resilience – The ability to effectively manage both immediate shocks and long-term sources of stress related to climate change and weather extremes.
  2. Mobility – Shared modes of transportation that provide sustainable alternatives to a transportation system centered on private automobiles.
  3. Renewable Energy – Sources of energy that replace carbon-intensive energy sources and significantly reduce global warming emissions.
  4. Low Carbon Buildings – Buildings designed and constructed to release very little or no carbon at all during their lifetime.
  5. Solid Waste Management – Sustainable systems that extract the maximum practical benefits from products and generate the minimum amount of waste.



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  • December 2013 brought the announcement that the city received a state grant of $45,000 that will go toward the cost of purchasing five new electric vehicles and a charging station.
  • Beverly To Get Five Electric Cars.

Renewable Energy

  1. Solar – Greenergy Park

Low Carbon Buildings

  • In 2011 Beverly sought and was designated a Green Community by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The City received a grant of $206,475 which was used to to install new energy management systems in the main library and North Beverly Elementary School and to upgrade the existing systems at Centerville and Ayers Ryal Side schools.

Solid Waste Management

  1. Trash & Recycling
  2. Compost Site at Standley Street
  3. Bring Your Own Bag Beverly (Plastic Bag Ban)

Beverly has long had curbside recycling and in 2013 made it a weekly event that coincides with trash collection. A seasonal compost site is available for residents to dispose of yard waste and each year the city holds collections for electronic equipment and hazardous materials. Details about recycling can be found on the annual recycling calendar.

Be sure to check back to learn about new green initiatives undertaken by the city.