Depot II Building

Depot II Building

Site Plan Review #140-19, Special Permit #172-19, and Inclusionary Housing Permit #17-19

Location: 134-142-146 Rantoul Street and 1-9 Park Street

Applicant: Depot Square Phase II, LLC

Proposal: A proposed 73-foot commercial and residential building containing 115 residential units with associated parking and site improvements and where “credit units” are proposed to satisfy the affordable housing requirement.

Pursuant to Sections 300-40D(5)(f) [Building Height], 300-59D [Parking], 300-98A [Site Plan Review], and 300-108C [Affordable Housing Credit Units] of the Beverly Zoning Ordinance.

Depot II Planning Board Application (6.10.19)

Depot II Architectural Drawing Set (6-10-19)

Depot II Site Plan Set (6-10-19)

Depot II Landscape Planting Images

Depot II Stormwater Memorandum

Depot II Traffic Report