Projects / Development

Public Projects

Name Description
ADA Transition Plan Update city buildings for handicap access
Brimbal Ave/Rt. 128 Overpass Project To promote safety, decrease congestion and improve access to un/underdeveloped properties in the Tozer/Sohier/Dunham Road area
Green Communities To reduce their energy use and their carbon footprint on the journey towards healthier communities and stronger economies
Route 1A Project Improve road and pedestrian walkway project on Route 1a through downtown Beverly
Street Paving Improve road quality
New Middle School Project Construction of a new middle school


Completed Public Projects

Name Description
MBTA Beverly Depot Parking Garage Project
Haskell Street Drainage Improvements Project to improve stormwater drainage on Haskell Street

Private Development

Name Description
North Shore Crossing Under Construction: Commercial mixed-use development consisting of 4 buildings with approximately 65,795 s.f. retail and restaurant
55 Cherry Hill Drive Under Construction: New manufacturing facility and office building
50 Dunham Road Approved: Proposed assisted living and memory care facility (“Vitality Living”)
52 Dunham Road Under Construction: Proposed five-story mixed-use commercial building
131 Rantoul Street Under Construction: Proposed mixed-use development
50 and 54 Boyles Street OSRD Under Construction: OSRD application to create a 6-lot residential development on 4.5 acres (Village Lane)
30 Foster Street OSRD Under Construction: OSRD application for 2-lot residential development
11-15 Sunnycrest Avenue OSRD Under Construction: OSRD application for 6 residential units on 6.1-acre site
10-12-16 Congress Street Approved: Proposed 62-unit apartment complex
44 and 52 Standley OSRD Under Construction: OSRD application to create an 8-lot residential development on 6.2 acres (Emily Way)
122 Cross Lane OSRD Under Construction: OSRD application for 3 lots on a 4.2-acre site (Greening Way)
20, 30, and 40 Webster Ave Reviewed, No Action Taken: Preliminary Plan for creation of 11 lots (8 new) on a new subdivision roadway.

Under Review: OSRD Initial Review application – Creation of 9 new lots/units.

245 Cabot Street (Cabot YMCA) Under Review: Renovate and enlarge rooming house units from 45 to 69 units
112 Rantoul Street (MBTA site) Under Construction: Proposed mixed-use with 4,500+ s.f. of retail/commercial space and 67 residential units
Hillside Avenue Approved: Definitive Subdivision Plan, 1 lot
2 Hardy Street Approved: Proposed residential development including 6 units
480 Rantoul Street Under Construction: Proposed residential development with 90 units
105 Sam Fonzo Drive Under Review: Beverly Airport self storage facility
Beverly Airport Hangar Approved: Construction of new airport hangar in WSPOD
2-6 Enon Street Under Review: Up to 2 new restaurants in WSPOD
Trask Lane (Folly Hill) Approved: Definitive Subdivision Plan (May 2017)
12 Enon Street Under Review: Convert 2-family to 4-family plus 1 commercial unit in WSPOD
 119 & 211 Rantoul Street Under Review: Construction of proposed mixed-use development consisting of two new buildings containing 128 new residential units, ground floor commercial uses, and associated parking.