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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                           Contact: Aaron Clausen
April 23, 2019                                                                  


BEVERLY – Mayor Michael Cahill announces the launch of the City’s Comprehensive Master Plan process and the launch of the project website: PlanBeverly will engage the public in a one-year initiative to create a framework to guide the stewardship and sustainable growth of our city. The master plan will situate Beverly in the context of the region and help Beverly residents articulate a shared vision for the coming decades. We invite everyone to the first public workshop on May 14, 2019 starting at 7:00pm at the Beverly Senior Center.

Mayor Michael Cahill said “our current master plan has served the community well, and it’s time to re‑enage in a community-wide conversation about our hopes and dreams, our goals, and our values as a community. This plan will establish how we approach economic investment and housing development and how we secure the resources to deliver the high quality and critical city services the people of Beverly count upon. We need every neighborhood in Beverly to participate; we need every generation and every stakeholder group represented.”

In recent years, the City has pursued a wide array of planning work, on topics including housing, transportation, the waterfront, climate action, and arts and culture. The master plan will knit together those efforts under a comprehensive framework while offering additional policy initiatives for the future. The final result will be a unified road map that ties all of the components together.

Utile, a Boston-based architecture and planning firm, will lead a team of consultants to assist and support the City in this effort. “We are particularly excited about this project because Beverly has such a rich diversity of neighborhoods and landscapes. It’s rare to find a bustling downtown, thriving business centers, historic residential neighborhoods, stunning coastal landscapes, and extensive conservation lands all in a relatively compact city,” said Tim Love, principal of Utile.

A master plan committee made up of residents, non-profit organizations, and businesses throughout the community will serve as a sounding board for the consultant team and City staff. The members of this committee offer a breadth of expertise in areas such as environment and conservation, recreation, preservation, housing, commerce, and real estate, among others. We thank them for their willingness to serve and provide thoughtful feedback.

PlanBeverly will include formal and informal opportunities for engagement, including public workshops, events, surveys, and online and interactive tools. Follow the PlanBeverly website for upcoming events and opportunities to connect and engage. ###