Meet the Development Team

Meet the Owner’s Project Manager

Massachusetts law requires the hiring of an Owner’s Project Manager (“OPM”) prior to designer selection on all public construction projects valued at more than $1.5 million.

OPM responsibilities are far more extensive than the duties of a traditional clerk of the works. The OPM is the centerpiece of a project management process designed to maximize value by achieving a number of goals including:
• Controlling the project budget from beginning to end
• Minimizing schedule delays.
• Ensuring quality construction.
• Improving communication between all parties working on the project.
• Facilitating prompt dispute resolution.
(The above language was taken from the website of the Massachusetts School Building Authority.)

The City of Beverly selected Heery International as the OPM for the new middle school project.  Please visit their website at to learn more about them.

Meet the Designer

Under the Massachusetts School Building Authority’s (MSBA)  statute and regulations, for projects with an estimated construction cost in excess of $5 million, the school district needs to select a designer through the MSBA’s Designer Selection Panel (DSP).

A designer is initally hired to conduct a Feasibility Study which will include the development and evaluation of potential alternative solutions and continue through the Schematic Design Phase of the preferred alternative initially. Subject to the approval of a Project by the MSBA and further subject to adequate funding authorized by the Owner, the contract between the Owner and the Designer may be amended to include continued designer services through design development, construction contract documents, bidding, award of construction contract(s), construction administration, final closeout and warranty period of the potential Project. A potential Project may include a renovation of the existing school, a renovation of and addition to the existing school and/or new construction.
(The above language was taken from the website of the Massachusetts School Building Authority.)

The Designer Selection Panel, as referenced above, selected Ai3 Architects as the designer.  Please visit Ai3’s website at for more information about them.