Beverly Middle School Building Committee

The City of Beverly was required by the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) to form a Middle School Building Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to monitor the process and to advise the City during the construction of the project. The MSBA recommends that the committee include, at the very least, individuals representing the following categories: the local chief executive officer; at least one member of the school committee; the superintendent of schools; the local official responsible for building maintenance; a representative of the office or body authorized by law to construct school buildings in the city; the school principal from the subject school; a member who has knowledge of the educational mission and function of the facility; a local budget official or member of the local finance committee; members of the community with architecture, engineering and/or construction experience to provide advice relative to the effect of the Proposed Project on the community and to examine building design and construction in terms of its constructability. The membership must be approved by the MSBA.

Beverly Middle School Building Committee


Beverly Middle School Building CommitteeMembership
Member Title/Affiliation
1 Michael P. Cahill Mayor, City of Beverly
2 David Gelineau Purchasing Agent, City of Beverly
3 Matthew Kavanagh former member of the Beverly School Committee
4 Paul Manzo Beverly School Committee
5 Kristin Silverstein President, Beverly School Committee
6 Lorinda Visnick Beverly School Committee
7 Steven Hiersche Superintendent, Beverly Public Schools
8 Michael Collins Commissioner, Public Services, City of Beverly
9 Raymond Bouchard Chair, Planning and Construction Committee, City of Beverly
10 Matthew Poska Principal, Briscoe Middle School, City of Beverly
11* Maria Decker Faculty, North Shore Community College
12 Bryant Ayles Director of Finance, City of Beverly
13* George Binns Professional Mechanical Engineer (retired)
14 Robert Griffin Planning and Construction Committee, City of Beverly
15* William Guzowski Senior Manager of Construction, Jones Lang Lasalle
16* Joseph Remondi HVAC EngineerRW Sullivan Engineering
17* Thaddeus Siemasko Principal, Siemasko and Verbridge
18* Todd Surette Electrical Designer, SMRT Architects and Engineers
19* Janet Chrisos Deputy Director, Massachusetts State College Building Authority
20 Daniel Keefe Athletic Director, Beverly Public Schools
21* Betsy Desmond Elementary/Middle School Teacher (retired)
22* Roy Gelineau Attorney, Gelineau and Kline
23* Joanna Murphy Scott Manager, Events and Design, Copyright Clearance Center
24 Stephanie Williams City Solicitor, City of Beverly
25 Judy Miller Director of Technology, Beverly Public Schools
26 Robert Fortado Facilities Engineer, Public Facilities Department, City of Beverly
27* Jenifer Badershall Associate Interior Designer, Symmes, Maini & McKee Associates
28 Stacey Bucyk Administrator of Special Education, Beverly Public Schools

*  These Beverly residents were selected as members of the Beverly Middle School Building Committee based on their knowledge of architecture, engineering, construction, design, education or other areas of expertise relevant to this project.  These individuals do not act as representatives of their employers on this committee.






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