FEMA Flood Maps


FEMA has issued modified flood hazard determinations affecting the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) for the City of Beverly. The City approved a Zoning Amendment to the Floodplain Overlay District Ordinance and adopted the FIRM’s in June 2012/2014.  The FIRM’s impact the North Coastal Watershed (generally south of Route 128).  Click here for the text of the Zoning Amendment.  See below for the new FEMA Flood Maps.

Please see the Viewing the FIRM Panels file first. To determine which Essex Map (FIRM Panel) to view please see the Coastal Workmap Index.

The Beverly Flood Maps are listed below:

Panel 0408

Panel 0409

Panel 0416

Panel 0417

Panel 0428

Panel 0429

Panel 0433

Panel 0436

Panel 0437

Panel 0441