May 27, 2020: Mayor Cahill’s Swift 911 Call


Hi Friends.  This is Mayor Mike Cahill with a Wednesday evening update.  As the weather has improved many of us are looking to the beaches and to the water.  Since Governor Baker’s beaches order requires municipalities to limit parking capacity near beaches, until further notice the limited parking available at Lynch Park, Obear Park, and Dane Street Beach will be for Beverly residents only.

At Lynch Park, 2019 resident stickers will be honored.  If your car does not have the 2019 sticker, you will be asked by our park rangers to show your vehicle registration up against your closed driver side window each time you enter the park.  When the main lot is full, no more cars will be allowed to enter the park.  This will be a temporary measure, and we all hope it is not necessary for long.

Also, today, it was necessary to clear and close Rice’s Beach, as a crowd too large for the beach arrived, and did not comply with the requirements of the Governor’s order – specifically a large group of teens.  And I get it, teens.  I empathize with you.  If this was last summer, we would have smiled to see you socializing and enjoying yourselves in the Sun.  The problem is we just can’t gather and socialize in this way right now.  Not yet.  So, to you teens and your families, please help our community by doing your part.  We need you.

We have been working hard on a plan to delineate and organize our beach and park space so that people can get outside and enjoy the good weather and our beaches while keeping the safe physical distance from each other needed to prevent a spike in transmission of COVID-19.  What we saw today wasn’t it and won’t work.  As soon as possible, we will share more specific guidance tailored to our unique public coastal spaces.

For now, I ask everyone to remember that this virus is still with us.  We still don’t know all we need to about it – we still don’t have a vaccine or well enough developed, proven treatments.  We still have front line health care workers, first responders, and food service workers, as well as particularly vulnerable populations in Beverly who need our help in keeping this virus down.

So, when we go out in public, we need to stay six feet or more away from other people, not congregate closely, not play games together or otherwise share objects and surfaces.  And Dr. Birx, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Redfield, and millions of other medical and scientific experts agree – while not perfect, our face coverings make a difference.  My face covering protects you, and your face covering protects me and everyone you come in contact with.

This is why in our public parks and on our beaches, we all need to either be wearing our face covering or have it on our person – and then we need to think of others and cover our nose and mouth with it when someone is six feet or closer.

All our best instincts and our best efforts are needed still.  Regardless of how nice the weather gets.  Please.  Thank you, All.