May 25, 2020: Mayor Cahill’s Swift 911 Call


Good afternoon.  This is Mayor Mike Cahill.  As we commemorate Memorial Day and remember and honor our fallen men and women who gave their lives defending and protecting our country, ensuring our democracy endures, we find ourselves challenged today with how to do so safely.

We all wish we were able to gather together, to attend, observe, march and properly honor the men and women, both from Beverly and beyond, who from 1775 through to today have served, fought, protected, and made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives to the country and the ideal of democracy they cherished so dearly.

Today, since the COVID-19 pandemic prevents us from gathering as we do each Memorial Day, I ask each of us to take some time to reflect and to think of the sacrifices our soldiers and our military families have made and continue to make every day, and to thank them in our hearts – for without their service and their sacrifices, we surely would not enjoy the freedoms as a people that we have for the past two and a half centuries.

Further, today, as we continue our own individual and collective work to slow the transmission of the novel coronavirus-19, please think of our community of veterans in Beverly.  Many of our older veterans are at particular risk from the virus.  And local military families are among the families who have lost loved ones to the virus.  As a community of caring people, we all feel their loss.

Today, as our resolve is tested in this time of pandemic, perhaps it helps to draw on the courage and strength of our own Beverly heroes throughout history, heroes who gave their lives serving our great country.  Thanks in large part to them, we enjoy the freedoms we exercise today.

So let’s remember today, in this time when our own decisions can impact the health and lives of our neighbors so directly, let’s exercise our freedoms and make our decisions wisely so that we hasten the day when we can all gather together again – gather to remember and honor, gather to pray, gather to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate life.  On this Memorial Day, be well and please stay safe.  Thank you.