May 14, 2020: Mayor Cahill’s Swift 911 Call


Hi Everybody.  This is Mayor Mike Cahill with a Wednesday update.  As you may know, earlier this week, Governor Baker released the ground rules for a phased and safe re-opening of Massachusetts, which will continue to be guided by the science pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Specifics as to which business sectors will be able to reopen in phase one and which will need to await further progress against the virus, will start to become clearer when the Governor’s Re-opening Committee submits its report early next week.

Here in Beverly, we are working together with our local businesses to support them in every way possible as everyone plans for how we can re-open our local economy safely for employees and customers.  Given that there is still the need for more testing and contact tracing, as well as improvements in treating the disease and finding and producing a vaccine, moving forward will continue to be a process – and please know we are committed to doing everything we can to protect both the public health and the economic vitality of our community.

In consultation with other municipal leaders and the state, we are working to determine when and how to reopen City Hall and other municipal buildings, as well as whether or not we will be able to offer summer programming this year.  State guidance on these and other issues will come beginning with the Governor’s Re-opening Committee’s report next week.

In the meantime, we as a community are doing a fantastic job of working to flatten the curve of transmission of this COVID-19 virus.  Most people continue to think of others first and make great decisions every day.  Let’s continue to stay the course – keeping a physical distance from each other, wearing face coverings in our retail stores and outdoors when we can’t keep that safe distance, not congregating in groups, and washing our hands frequently.

Beyond these measures, let’s all look for opportunities to help our small businesses stay afloat through this time.  Let’s keep checking on our neighbors, especially those living alone.  Let’s remember to be kind, as everyone is facing challenges now.  And to anyone who needs help, anyone who does not feel safe for any reason, please reach out.  Reach out to a friend, family member, neighbor – or call 911 if you feel imminent danger.  You can also look at our city website – – then click the COVID-19 icon to find several 24 hour hotlines and other resources.

This Beverly community displays its very best every day – people caring for and looking after each other.  People putting others first.  Thank you to all of you.  We are doing ok, and we’re going to persevere.  Have a good evening.  Be well.