March 26, 2020 – Mayor Cahill’s Swift 911 Call


Hi Friends.  This is Mayor Mike Cahill with a Beverly update as we all work to slow the spread of coronavirus-19.   Let me start with an apology – I tried to send you this call last evening but managed to misfire and send a blank message.  Here’s hoping this try goes better.  Thank you for your kind understanding.

First, I want to give you a bit more information on our shared effort to help everyone do your food shopping safely.  Until further notice, we ask residents of Wards 1 and 2 to do your shopping on Wednesday and/or Saturday, residents of Wards 3 and 4 on Thursday and/or Sunday, and residents of Wards 5 and 6 on Friday and/or Monday.   This schedule leaves Tuesday as an extra shopping day for everyone, as you encounter additional shopping needs.

To seniors. All Beverly grocery markets are now offering “senior only” shopping time for an hour or longer every day when they first open in the morning.  As much as possible, everyone including seniors, please shop on the days designated for residents of your ward.  We hope and believe this will help spread out our shopping and help us keep safe distances while in the stores.

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Baker announced that all schools will remain closed until at least May 4th.  I believe this is a thoughtful and necessary step.  And I am grateful for all the great work our Beverly Public Schools staff and leaders are doing to provide distance learning opportunities and supports so that our kids can keep learning at home.  Beverly City Hall and other municipal buildings, which we had already closed through the end of this week, will remain closed indefinitely, as it has become clear that the needed time frame for social distancing needs to be several weeks or longer.

I know this is all very different from what we’re all used to and can be hard to process.  But we will succeed in slowing the spread of this virus – because we absolutely need to, so we will.  We are united as a community and people are showing again and again how much we care for each other – I’m seeing it all over town day by day – I see it in all the wonderful volunteers who prepare the community meals each evening; I see it in our determined doctors and nurses; I see it in everyone who is working so hard in our grocery stores and drug stores; I see it in all of you who have changed your lives almost overnight; everyone is showing courage and commitment, and I know we will come through this time of physical distance and challenges even stronger and closer.

If you, at any time, are feeling at all in need of someone to talk with, if you need food or medicine or help making a needed connection, please call us.  During the day Monday through Friday, please call City Hall at 978 921-6000 or the Senior Center at 978 921-6017.  Also, our friends at Beth Israel Lahey Health have an emergency hotline open 24 hours a day.  If you are in need, please call 978-744-1585.  I’ll say that number again in a moment.  Just know that there will be someone on the other end of the phone who will listen, who cares about you, and who will try their very best to help you.  Again, that number is 978 744-1585.  Last, we are trying to share as much helpful information as we can on our city website –  Please give it a look.

This is Mayor Mike Cahill – on this beautiful, sunny Thursday morning.  I wish you a happy, hopeful day.  Please be well.