March 16, 2020 – Order Prohibiting On-Premise Sale of Alcohol
Download Order Prohibiting On-Premises Sale of Alcohol effective March 16 at 2 pm.pdf


Dear Owners of Chapter 12 on-site consumption of alcohol licenses:

Effective 2:00 pm today, I am ordering an emergency ban on all on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages in all Beverly establishments that own Chapter 12 licenses. Any establishment found in violation of this order shall be punished by a fine of two hundred dollars, and upon conviction, their license shall be revoked by the licensing authority. This order will be in effect until midnight tonight, at which time Governor Baker’s order will take effect. While I wish this measure was not necessary, it is. I believe the social distancing we all need to follow to prevent or slow the spread of Covid-19 is simply not possible without this measure.

Thank you for your compliance with this order. I am mindful of your sacrifice, and I am grateful.

Sincerely yours,
Michael P. Cahill