March 13, 2020 – Mayor Cahill’s Swift 911 Message


Hi. This is Mayor Mike Cahill with an update on the city’s response to the new Coronavirus-19. Consistent with guidance received from infectious disease and medical experts, we join with our neighboring communities throughout the region and will close city buildings and programs for the next two weeks through March 29th, effective immediately. Further, all municipal public meetings scheduled during this time have been cancelled. The Beverly Public Schools will also be closed for the next two weeks. At that time, based on the advice and guidance provided by public health experts, city and school officials will evaluate whether to reopen city and/or school buildings. In the meantime, all public safety operations continue. The City also will continue to perform core functions. Please check the City’s website at for more information.
As a Beverly community, it is important that each one of us do our part. Please do not panic, but also do not minimize this situation. The new corona virus is trending to be significantly worse than a seasonal flu – and as a new virus, there is not yet a vaccine. Please note this important information about how everyone can play a part in slowing the spread of the virus:
As members of this community, interrupting the chain of transmission of this new coronavirus is our responsibility. All of us. According to infectious disease experts, we are in the midst of a critical time right now. For the next two weeks and likely longer, our main job as neighbors is to try to keep this virus from spreading. And that means we need to keep our distance from each other and minimize our interactions. Keeping a safe distance of six feet or more, no handshaking, washing our hands frequently – this is the best guidance we are getting.
We all need each other to take seriously our role in keeping ourselves and our loved ones and neighbors safe. We are still and always a community – actually more now than ever. And for the time being, we can show our love for each other best by keeping our distance and by not congregating in groups, wherever that may be. If history is a guide, this virus will run its course. We can impact by our actions right now just how much damage it does, how many people it hurts, and how many lives it takes. Please do your part to stop spread of this virus. Please still check on your neighbors, especially those who live alone. For now, though, please check on them by phone or from a safe distance. This is Mayor Mike Cahill. We in Beverly are a caring and resilient community – together we can and will take the steps needed to control this virus and come through strong.