Livingstone Avenue Extension Subdivision


Plan to extend the unfinished portion of Livingston Avenue by +/-500′, but not extending all the way through to Leech Street, and create 3 buildable lots on Livingstone Avenue. Each of the lots will contain 10,000 sf of lot area and have a minimum 100’ frontage, as required in the Zoning Ordinance.

Livingstone Subdivision Application

Livingstone Subdivision Plan Set

Livingstone Subdivision Stormwater Report

Livingstone Ave Water Flow Direction 061918

Third-Party Peer Review of proposed Stormwater Management System



Livingstone Subdivision REVISED Letter 121718

Livingstone Subdivision Soil & Vegetation Data Plots 080718

Livingstone Subdivision SWM Report REVISED 121718

Revised Plan available in the Planning Dept offices.


Public Hearings: May 30, 2018; June 19, 2018; July 17, 2018.

Continued to next meeting on January 15, 2019.*