June 6, 2020 – Message from Mayor Cahill


Hi, Friends.  Since Former President Obama spoke to the nation earlier this week and urged Mayors throughout the country to pledge to conduct a review of their cities’ police use of force policies, I have had numerous discussions with our Police Chief, members of our Human Rights Committee, and others, and I have heard from many of you.  I am grateful for your outreach and your thoughtfulness.  We in Beverly have worked hard and continue to do so to ensure all residents and visitors to Beverly are safe in our community.  The women and men of the Beverly Police Department train diligently and strive every day to serve and protect us all.  I believe that our use of force policy has protected our community.  And, yes, absolutely, it is appropriate and timely that we review it now as part of a broader community conversation.  Therefore,

…I pledge to:

1. REVIEW the police use of force policies in my community.

2. ENGAGE my community by including a diverse range of input, experiences, and stories in our review.

3. REPORT the findings of our review to my community and seek feedback within 90 days of signing this pledge.

4. REFORM my community’s police use of force policies based on findings.

Beyond these steps, I seek a meaningful and transformative community dialogue on race and racism, equity and opportunity, a dialogue that is long overdue in every city and town in America.  I am determined to listen, to learn, and to together make the changes that are needed to ensure everyone in this city will feel and be safe in their daily lives.  And more, that Beverly truly be a place where all people will have access to real opportunities, in all aspects of their lives.  Together with our partners in Beverly’s communities of color, City Council, Beverly Police Department, Human Rights Committee, Beverly Schools, our faith community, and more, we will share more information soon on next steps.  Please join us. Thank you.