Green Communities

The Green Communities Division empowers the Commonwealth’s cities and towns to reduce their energy use and their carbon footprint on the journey towards healthier communities and stronger economies. The City of Beverly proudly joined the ranks on December 20, 2011 as one of the one-hundred-ten cities and towns from all regions of the state, populations from 393 to 617,594 residents, that are now designated as Commonwealth “Green Communities.” This was in part due to the construction of the new Beverly High School renovation/addition, which was completed in 2009, and was able to achieve MA-CHPS+ (Ma collaborative for high performance schools) certification for sustainability. The High School is powered by two solar PV arrays, with a combined system rating of 182 kW.

Beverly was awarded its first grant of $206,475 which was used in part to hire a consulting engineering firm based in North Andover, MA;  B2Q Associates. They assisted with identifying the buildings which represent the greatest energy savings opportunities. The Main Library was identified immediately as the greatest opportunity. A benchmarking effort was undertaken to identify which of the remaining buildings should be pursued for energy savings and they were identified as Ayers Ryal Side and Centerville Elementary Schools.

B2Q hired Howse Corporation, a controls contractor providing installation and maintenance services for Johnson Controls Energy Management Systems (EMS) in the greater Boston area and throughout New England. B2Q worked with Howse and the City of Beverly to develop a scope of work at the three selected buildings in Beverly which were believed to offer the greatest potential for energy savings from control improvements associated with different portions of the buildings: HVAC support systems, the Air-Conditioning System, the Heating System and the Terminal Device Systems.

Financially, the projected annual cost savings on the three buildings is $42,845. Combined with Utility Incentives and other grants, the projects will pay for themselves in approximately 6.7 years. Additionally, the impressive projected annual Energy Savings (MMBtu) (million metric British thermal units) is 2,255, while the projected annual GHG (Green House Gas) Reduced (lbs CO2e) (carbon dioxide equlivent) is 715,431.

A second round of grant money was made available to the Massachusetts Green Communities in the spring of 2013. The City applied for and was awarded a grant in the amount of $207,530.00.  This grant will be used by the City to make improvements to our North Beverly Elementary School by installing another EMS.  This project has a projected annual energy savings of approximately $18,000.  Also, a small amount of this grant will be used to retrofit the Beverly Commons Park lights to Light-Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures.

Further information will be updated on our website as it becomes available. An example of the Main Library EMS is shown below.