Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Is there a comprehensive itemized disposal guideline?

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Yes. Please see the Trash Disposal Guidelines link.

2. Why should I recycle?

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Recycling is responsible resource management. Recycling reduces pollution, saves energy and saves the City money! Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees. The items that we recycle become other useful products.

3. When is my trash and recycle collection day?

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Click here to view the street listing to determine your trash and recycling collection day.

4. What about holiday week collections?

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When there is a holiday, collections will be delayed 1 day after holiday occurs e.g. if your usual day is Monday and that is a holiday, your trash/recycling day will be Tuesday. Friday’s pickup will be on Saturday that week. If the holiday falls on a Thursday (e.g. Thanksgiving), only Thursday and Friday’s collections would be affected. Please refer to the Holiday/ Leaf Calendar for observed Holidays.

5. When should I put out my recycling?

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Residents should place their recycling at the curb no later than 7 am on their trash collection day.

6. Why didn’t the truck pick up my recycling?

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  • Check to make sure you put your recycling out on the correct day. Collection Schedule
  • Was it recyclable? See #8
  • Were paper products bundled from containers?
  • Were your recyclables in recycling bin and separate from your trash?
  • Was your cardboard 3’ x 3’ or less and tied or taped in bundles of 6” or less?
  • Did you have any recyclables in PLASTIC BAGS? No Plastic Bags of any kind allowed.

7. Who do I call if my trash/recycling/ yard waste is not picked up?

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Call JRM at 1-800-323-4285

8. What can I recycle?

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PAPER (Keep separate from Comingled items) – Newspapers including inserts, magazines, catalogs, phone and other paperback books, hardcover books with covers removed, junk mail, CLEAN paperboard such as cereal / pasta boxes / pizza boxes and egg cartons and flattened cardboard no larger than 3 x 3’ are some of the paper type items. NO PLASTIC BAGS of ANY KIND, NO STYROFOAM

COMMINGLED ITEMS (Keep separate from Paper items) – Metal cans, CLEAN aluminum foil, glass bottles and plastic containers labeled # 1 to 7. If there is no number (1-7), it is considered TRASH. NO PLASTIC BAGS of ANY KIND

9. How do I put items out for recycling?

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All glass, plastic and metal containers, and clean aluminum foil can be commingled and placed in your recycling bin (or in another like container such as a laundry basket or barrel 35 gallon/ 40lb. max if your bin is full). All newspapers, cereal boxes, junk mail and magazines should be put in brown paper bags such as the type you get at a grocery store and placed beside or on top of recycling bin or in its own recycling bin. Cardboard should be flattened and tied in bundles or bundled with twine no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet by 6 inches thick. Do not place any items in plastic bags and do not commingle paper with containers. Place your recycling separate from your trash. NO PLASTIC BAGS of ANY KIND, NO STYROFOAM. Click here to view recycling products.

10. Do I need to rinse out my bottles and cans?

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Rinsing cans, bottles and jars helps to reduce odor and discourage pests from invading your bin. An easy way to do this is to place cans and bottles and plastics in your dishwasher or rinse them with the rinse water after you have finished your dishes. Labels and neck rings do not need to be removed.

11. Do I need to separate cans, bottles and plastic containers from each other?

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All glass, plastic (numbered 1-7) and metal containers, and clean aluminum foil can be placed (commingled) in your recycling bin (or in another like container such as a laundry basket or a dedicated and marked barrel *32 gallon/ 40 lb. max if your bin is full). NO PLASTIC BAGS of ANY KIND, NO STYROFOAM.

12. What about Styrofoam, Cartons (milk, juice, juice boxes etc), Pizza boxes and Microwave food boxes?

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Styrofoam is not recyclable in OUR program and is considered trash. See the Trash Disposal Guidelines

All Cartons such as milk, juice, broth, etc. are not in our recycling program and are considered Trash.

Your clean pizza boxes and microwavable food boxes shall be recycled with your paper.

13. Can I put out more than one recycling bin?

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Yes! There is no limit to the amount of recycling you can put out.

14. Where can I get a recycling bin?

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22 gallon blue bins are available for $7* in City Hall in the Engineering Department (2nd floor).  You may also purchase a conventional barrel (35 gallons max) at any hardware store to co-mingle your glass, metal and plastic and place with your recycling. (see #9)     *price subject to change

15. Does the City collect yard waste?

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Yes! Yard waste collections are scheduled for several weeks in the spring and fall and occur on your regular trash/recycling day. Yard waste should be placed loose in open trash barrels or in the large paper yard waste bags available at many stores. Not acceptable: plastic bags, boxes, tree stumps and large tree limbs.  Please see the

Leaf/ Holiday Calendar link for the scheduled pickups.

16. Is there a place where I can drop-off my yard waste?

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The City owns a YARD WASTE compost site at 16 Standley Street (Operated by JRM)  Directions that is open  from March 4th 2019 (unless late snow cover) to December 14, 2019 (or first significant snowfall- whichever comes first) on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 8 am to 3:30 pm. Residents are allowed to bring leaves, grass clippings, branches up to 2” in diameter and Christmas trees. NO FOOD, NO PLASTIC BAGS of ANY KIND

17. Does the City have a curbside pick up compost program?

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The Waste Reduction Committee runs a FOOD COMPOST Curbside pick up program that is managed by Black Earth Compost. Click here to register or for detailed information about this exciting program. 


18. What about Christmas trees?

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Residents who have City trash pick-up and want to recycle their Christmas trees are asked to bring them to compost facility when open. See question 15. You can also see the Leaf/ Holiday Calendar link for a one time yearly pick up.

19. Where can I recycle books, CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes?

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There are several options for recycling these items. One local option: or do an online search.

20. How can I stop junk mail?

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An organization called 41 pounds can help. See link.

21. How can I Shred Confidential Documents?

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JRM Option

JRM offers confidential shredding for our municipal individual residents for a fee of $50 per location. This includes up to (3) 1×3 foot boxes of material. Must be a resident of a City or Town that JRM is the hauling contractor. All shredding is done on site by their mobile shredding truck. The pick up can be scheduled by calling their office at 978-536-2500.

This rate is only for residential and not for businesses who require shredding services. Commercial accounts can contact us at the same number for a commercial quote.

Northshore Recycled Fibers Option

22. Is there an Electronics Collection?

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Yes. May 4, 2019 at the Beverly High School. Use the Sohier Road entrance.

23. Is there a Hazardous Waste Collection?

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Yes. April 20, 2019 At the Beverly High School. Use the Sohier Road entrance. Also, call the Health Department with Hazardous Waste questions. 978.921.8591

24. What about items containing Mercury?

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Thermometers, thermostats, switches, compact fluorescent bulbs, and button batteries should be brought to the Health Department at 90 Colon Street. DO NOT dismantle mercury containing devices. Call the Health Department at 978.921.8591 for guidance on disposal of fluorescent tubes and other items containing mercury.

25. How do I dispose of Waste Oil (used motor oil)?

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Waste Oil is accepted weekdays at the municipal garage at 148 Park Street during regular work hours (7:30-3:30 M-F). Call first during the Spring/Summer months to check availability 978.921.6053

26. What can I do with all my Plastic Bags?

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Plastic film bags from the grocery store, newspaper delivery, bread bags, and dry cleaning bags may be returned to most supermarkets.

27. Can I put out any size Barrel for Trash and Recycling?

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No. The guidelines are : Not larger than 32 Gallons and may not weigh over 40 pounds when full for either trash or recycling containers.

28. Can I throw away my Propane Tank?

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No. They may be returned to Aubuchon Hardware- 50 Enon Street (formally Dawson’s)  ($5 fee) or Cabot Fuels- 449 Cabot Street.

29. Is there a limit to the amount of large (“Bulk”) items I can throw away?

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Yes. JRM (our trash company) will take ONE large (bulk) item PER WEEK with your regular trash. A “BULK ITEM” is an ITEM, not TRASH, Construction Debris, Hazardous Waste, etc. It is an ITEM that will not fit in your 32 gallon trash barrel. For example: ONE headboard, OR  ONE couch, OR  ONE table, OR ONE mattress, OR ONE box spring etc…

30. Where can I bring Ink and Toner cartridges to recycle?

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There are several places that will accept ink and toner cartridges. Examples are:  The Health Department (90 Colon Street), Staples (North Beverly Plaza), Keller-Williams office at the Cummings Center, or containers outside the Purchasing Office (2nd Floor, City Hall).

31. How do I dispose of pharmaceuticals?

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Reducing access to unwanted medication is now a national public health and safety strategy. Many Americans are not aware that medicines in home cabinets are highly susceptible to diversion, misuse and abuse. Many studies show that almost half of youth who have misused prescription medications gained fist access from medicine cabinets of family of friends. There is a drop off box at the Beverly Police Station and Beverly Hospital. For further information please contact the Beverly Health Department (90 Colon Street) at (978) 921-8591.  The Beverly Health Department also runs a Medication Disposal Day. For further details on this event please contact them.


Reminder: Single-use plastic bag ban now in effect! Click here for more information