FAQ – Storage Sheds

1. Do I need a permit for a storage shed?

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Storage sheds that exceed 200 square feet require building permits. If the shed is within a floodplain, a floodpain permit is required regardless of the size of the shed. 

2. Are there any setback requirements?

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Sheds are not allowed in a front yard. A shed no more than 100 s.f. in area and 10 feet in height may be located no closer than 5’ from the side and rear property lines. Sheds larger than 100 s.f. or higher than 10′ must meet the same setbacks as a house.

3. Does my shed need to be placed on a foundation?

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A shed of light frame construction, up to 600 sq. ft. in area and 10′ high, does not require a foundation with frost protection. However, it must still be anchored to the ground. Kits are available for this purpose. This is to prevent overturning due to wind, and is especially important for aluminum sheds.