FAQ – Council on Aging

1. How can non-driving seniors arrange for transportation to medical appointments, shop for groceries and to run other necessary errands when family and friends can not assist them?

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A variety of organizations provide transportation and assistance to seniors without cost or for a nominal fee. For transportation information, contact our transportation coordinator: (978) 921-6078.

2. Where can seniors find legal advice for wills, trusts and other legal concerns?

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Contact the Beverly Council on Aging to locate legal firms specializing in elder law and/or be connected directly to Senior Adult Legal Assistance, which assists low-income seniors with legal advice. Contact the Beverly Council on Aging: (978) 921-6017.

3. How can seniors living at home find information on assisted living facilities when they are no longer able to manage their health care and/or are unable to remain living at home for other reasons?

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A recommend first step is to seek professional assistance in determining if, in fact, a senior must be moved from the comfort of his or her own home. If an assisted living facility is needed or desired, a listing of facilities will be provided along with referrals to other organizations offering information on these facilities. Contact the Beverly Council on Aging: (978) 921-6017.

4. How can homebound seniors or disabled people living alone find help with housekeeping, cooking, bathing, shopping and repair work in and around their homes?

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Contact the Council on Aging. We can help senior determine if they are eligible for government programs that provide homemaker and personal care services. These specialists will also offer information and referrals to home care agencies, volunteer organizations and emergency resources to meet these important needs. Contact the Beverly Council on Aging: (978) 921-6017.

5. What is the cost of senior services such as Meals on Wheels, in home care services, senior transportation, legal advice and care management?

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Many services are available without costs to seniors who qualify for government-sponsored programs. For seniors who do not qualify for financial assistance, programs are often available at low cost. To learn more about eligibility for financial assistance, service costs and more, contact the Council on Aging: (978) 921-6017.

6. Where is the best place for seniors, care givers, and family members to begin their search for services and resources to meet senior needs?

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The Beverly Council on Aging. We offer many services to seniors and their caregiveers. Contact the Council on Aging: (978) 921-6017.

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