FAQ – Construction Plans

1. Are plans required?

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In most cases, construction plans are required. However, for minor work such as roofing or siding, the requirement for plans will be waived. When plans are required, three copies must be submitted. Two will be returned with an approved stamp placed on them, and one will be kept for our files. One copy of the approved plans must be kept on the job site at all times for the inspector to view.

2. Do I have to have an architect prepare my plans?

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In most cases, no. However, if the work involves unique methods or materials, the Department of Municipal Inspections may require that the plans be stamped by a Registered Architect or Engineer.

3. How much detail is needed on the plans?

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A full set of construction plans must be submitted. It must be clear from the plans what work is being done and how it is being done. Plans should be to scale and legible. A title block giving the address of the project must be provided on the lower right-hand corner of all sheets. All areas addressed in the building code must be addressed on the plans. In general, plans for new construction should include floor plans, foundation plan, framing plans, sections and elevations. Simply adding a note to the plans that says “all work to comply with codes” is not sufficient. In the Appendix is a review sheet that the Department of Municipal Inspections uses to review residential plans. All applicable items should be addressed on the plans. Remember, the more complete that the plans are, the less likely that problems will arise after construction. Several good books are available at the library or at bookstores on architectural drafting.

4. Can I change my plans after they have been approved?

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Yes. Revised plans must be submitted prior to constructing the change. Also, an application for revised plans must be submitted and additional fees, if any, paid. If the new work is a lower valuation than the original work, no refunds are given.

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