FAQ – Building Permit Fees

1. What is the fee for a building permit?

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The fee schedule is available elsewhere on this site. These fees are subject to change, so check with the Department of Municipal Inspections for the latest fee schedule.

2. What do I get for this fee?

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Your permit fee covers the cost of plan review and inspections to determine code compliance.

3. Do I calculate the fee?

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No. That will be done by the Department of Municipal Inspections. In general, it is based on the valuation of the work, which you provide in the applicable space on the permit application.

4. What if I don’t know the valuation?

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Many cost estimating publications are available at the library or at bookstores to assist you. If the figure you put on the application is too low, we will adjust it.

5. If I do my own work and use donated materials, won’t the permit fee change?

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No. The fee is based on valuation, not how much the job cost you.

6. Why should I obtain a building permit?

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A building permit ensures that work is done correctly and safely. The permit fee is cheap assurance against faulty construction. Also, there are legal and financial liabilities that you face when you don’t get a permit. Work done without a permit is illegal and can pose serious complications for you when you try to sell or refinance your house. Any fire and homeowner’s insurance you have may be invalidated if you do work without a permit.

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