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Name Position Department Work Phone
Michael P. Cahill Mayor Mayor's Office 978-605-2333
Roland Adams G.I.S. Manager Engineering 978-605-2354
Frank Alleruzzo Motor Pool Foreman Public Services 978-921-6054
Bill Ambrefe Electrical Foreman Public Services 978-921-6057
Kathy Ambrefe Administrative Assisant II City Assessor 978-605-2308
Maria Arcieri Administrative Assistant Fire Department
Carol Augulewicz City Accountant City Accountant 978-605-2301
Bryant Ayles Director of Municipal Finance Finance 978-605-2315
Eric Barber, P.E City Engineer Engineering 978-605-2360
Catherine Barrett Director of Grants Executive 978-605-2368
Jennifer Bean Senior Clerk Planning 978-605-2344
Todd Biggar Local Inspector Municipal Inspections/Building Department 978-921-6025
Stephanie Bilotti Chief of Staff Mayor's Office 978-605-2334
Michael Bouchard Building and Highway Maintenance Foreman Public Services 978-921-6053
Dennis Boucher Bus Driver Council on Aging
Gloria Boullion Airport Manager Beverly Municipal Airport 978-921-6072
William Burke, RS, CHO Director of Health Health 978-921-8591
Caitlin Callahan Assistant Animal Control Officer Animal Control 978-605-2361
Lisa Chandler, P.E Staff Engineer Engineering 978-605-2357
Sean M Ciancarelli Assistant City Engineer Engineering 978-605-2358
Aaron Clausen Director of Planning and Community Development Planning 978-605-2341
Tess Conley Activities Coordinator Council on Aging 978-921-6017
Michael P. Collins, P.E Commissioner of Public Services and Engineering Engineering, Public Services 978-921-6053
Linda Cook Administrative Assistant Municipal Inspections/Building Department 978-921-6025
Kevin Q Corridan Assistant City Solicitor City Solicitor 978-921-6000
Kerin M Cotter Administrative Assistant Engineering, Cemetery Department 978-605-2352
Paul Cotter Fire Chief Fire 978-922-2424
Terry DeBlasie, MAA Assistant Assessor City Assessor 978-605-2307
Larry Demers Local Inspector Municipal Inspections/Building Department 978-921-6025
Lynne DePiero Senior Clerk Council on Aging 978-921-6017
Denise Deschamps Economic Development Planner Economic Development 978-605-2356
Bruce Doig Director of Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation 978-921-6067
Jesse P. Dole Assistant Solicitor Solicitor's Office 978-921-6000
Brittany Dove Senior Clerk City Assessor 978-605-2309
Dan Driscoll Genealogy inquiries City Clerk 978-605-2325
Maryellen Duffy Assistant Superintendent Schools 978-921-6100
Christine Eng Principal Clerk Municipal Inspections/Building Department 978-921-6025
Russell Fisk Director Information Technology 978-605-2375
Mark Foster Director of Emergency Management City Defense
Steve Frederickson, P.E Director/Building Commissioner Municipal Inspections/Building Department 978-921-6025
David Gelineau Purchasing Agent Procurement (Purchasing) 978-605-2350
Rose Giuffrida City Collector 978-605-2316
David Goodwin Health Inspector Health 978-921-8591
Chris Granese Water/Sewer Foreman Public Services 978-921-6057
Dennis Greenleaf Assistant Director Information Technology 978-605-2376
Elaine Heredeen Outreach Coordinator Council on Aging 978 921 6017
MaryAnn Holak Director Council on Aging 978 921 6017
Fernando Homem Inspector of Wires/Electrical Inspector Municipal Inspections/Building Department 978-921-6025
Emily Hutchings Assistant Planning Director Planning
Lisa Kent City Clerk
Amanda Kirk, LICSW Social Worker Council on Aging 978-921-6017
Samantha Kossow Assistant Director Council on Aging 978-921-6017
Philip Klimowicz Forestry and Grounds Foreman Public Services 978-921-6068
Anna Langstaff Director Beverly Public Library
Aimee LaPointe Senior Clerk City Clerk 978-605-2328
Steve Latulippe Local Inspector Municipal Inspections 978-921-6025
John G. LeLacheur Police Chief Police 978-921-6039
Matthew Lipinski Director of Animal Control Operations Animal Control 978-605-2361
Karen L’Italien Principle Clerk Municipal Inspections/Building Department 978-921-6024
Martha Lewis Mayor's Secretary Mayor's Office 978-605-2333
Brendan MacAllister Custodian Council on Aging 978-921-6017
Lauren Marcello Community Engagement Fellow Council on Aging 978-921-6017
Michelle Matusiak Bus Driver Council on Aging 978-921-6017
Kathy McCullough Principal Clerk Health 978-921-8591
Samantha McLaughlin Financial Analyst City Accountant 978-605-2304
Cynthia McPherson Administrative Assistant Planning 978-605-2343
Daniel McPherson Harbor Master Harbor Master 978-921-6059
Karen Milo Senior Clerk Engineering 978-605-2355
Gail Murley Volunteer Coordinator Council on Aging 978 921 6017
Jane M. Murphy Registrar of Voters City Clerk 978-605-2327
Marjorie O’Brien Reception Council on Aging 978 921 6017
Gale Page Principal Clerk City Assessor 978-605-2310
Chip Palmer Custodian & Building Manager Council on Aging 978-921-6017
Betty Patterson Assistant Purchasing Agent Procurement (Purchasing) 978-605-2350
David Perinchief Veterans Agent Veterans Services 978-778-5000
Jenna Pirrotta Environmental Planner Planning
Joseph A. Reale, RS Environmental Analyst Health 978-921-8591
Tracy Reardon Administrative Assistant Public Services 978-921-6053
Megan Riche Outreach Coordinator Council on Aging 978-921-6107
Joscelyn Ruelle-Kersker Assistant to Director Parks and Recreation 978-921-6067
Paul Ruggiero Highway and Sewer Foreman Public Services 978-921-6053
Robert Salvanelli Sealer Sealer of Weights and Measurements 978-921-6095
Lynda Santos Bus Driver Council on Aging
Jen Smith Human Resources Administrator Human Resources 978-605-2366
Mary Sullivan Human Resources Assistant Human Resources 978-605-2367
Pauline Teixeira Director of Human Resources Human Resources 978-605-2365
Steve Turner Plumbing/Gas Inspector Municipal Inspections/Building Department 978-921-6025
Barbara Wells Retirement Administrator Retirement 978-605-2370
Garrett Whitney IT Support Information Technology 978-605-2377
Stephanie Williams City Solicitor City Solicitor's Office (Law Department) 978-921-6000
Darlene Wynne, AICP Planning Director Planning 978-921-6000