Community Housing Plan

Thank you to everyone who participated in this process. We now have a final plan!

The City hired the consulting team of Karen Sunnarborg and Abacus Architects to prepare a Community Housing Plan to help us better understand the City of Beverly’s current and future housing needs. The plan provides up-to-date information on local housing issues, identifies housing needs, articulates a Citywide housing vision, and develops a strategy to provide a range of housing types that meet the needs of a wide variety of people living in, and looking to live in, Beverly. The plan addresses how best to invest local resources dedicated to housing, such as the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and Community Preservation Funds.


The final product can be found by clicking on this link:
Beverly Community Housing Plan

Draft Plan Materials

Initially, the consulting team completed a full and comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment, which can be downloaded below separately (bu is incorporated into the final plan). This document provides a detailed analysis of data and conditions affecting housing affordability. The assessment helps the community identify what type of housing is needed in Beverly and strategies to consider in meeting those needs.

Beverly Housing Needs Assessment

Here is a Glossary of Housing Terms which may be useful.

Public Surveys

At the November 2nd meeting, the City asked attendees to vote for their top 5 proposed strategies. We gave everyone the opportunity to weigh-in by asking the same questions online. Those rankings were considered in crafting the final plan.

The City also conducted an initial web-based survey to gauge areas of interest to the public, in July 2016. Here is a Summary of the Housing Survey Results for the initial survey.

Public Forums

The City held a second public forum on November 2, 2016 at 6:30pm at Briscoe Middle School auditorium. The meeting consisted of a presentation by the consultant and and the opportunity to review and receive public feedback on possible strategies, including hands-on exercises with the public.

Housing Plan Presentation Nov 2

City Council Presentation: The Planning Director also made a presentation to the City Council at their October 17th meeting, during which he introduced suggested strategies. Video of the meeting is available on BevCam and the presentation is here:

Housing Plan Council Presentation 10-17-16

The first public forum, held Thursday June 16, 2016, was an opportunity for residents, housing-related agencies, and other stakeholders to hear what the consulting team has learned so far about shifts in demographic and housing trends in Beverly. Attendees shard their perspective on the City’s future housing agenda.

Sunnarborg Presentation – Overview of data collected for the Housing Needs Assessment

Abacus Presentation – Character and housing typologies in Beverly