Beverly Harbor Planning

Beverly Harbor Planning Process

The Beverly Planning Department kicked-off a planning process Thursday, June 26th, with a public meeting in an effort to gather ideas and craft a vision for the Beverly Harbor. The public was invited – residents, business owners and stakeholders – to participate in this visioning process. This process will help develop goals and objectives that will ultimately guide the creation of a new zoning district along the Beverly Harbor.

The Beverly Planning Department has collected and reviewed comments received during the public meeting held February 11th and subsequently submitted for consideration through the end of February, 2015.  There were numerous valuable comments provided to planning staff, many of which have been incorporated into a final proposed amendment and have only made the proposed amendment stronger.  The draft ordinance amendment seeks to formalize and implement the vision created during the public process conducted the last half of 2014.  The draft ordinance creates a new zoning district entitled Beverly Harbor District (BHD) and replaces in entirety the Waterfront Development (WD) zoning district that currently exists in the Beverly Zoning Code.  The proposed BHD district will also encompass the same land area of the current WD district.

The City Council has scheduled a joint public hearing with the Beverly Planning Board to review the proposed zoning amendment to establish the Beverly Harbor District and replace the existing Waterfront Development (WD) zoning district in its entirety.  The public hearing has been scheduled for April 6 starting at 7:45 pm, and will take place in the Council Chambers at Beverly City Hall (191 Cabot Street).  At that time Beverly Planning staff will make a presentation to review the proposed amendment and process that has led to its proposal.

Please following this link for the final ordinance approved by City Council on May 18, 2015:

150521 BHD_Proposed Amendment Language_City Council Final

Please follow this link to review the proposed ordinance amendment:

BHD_Proposed Amendment Language (2)

The map showing the limits of the proposed district can be found here:

Proposed BHD Map

Please click on the links below for the cover letter and designation decision from the Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM):

CZM Beverly Designation Decision Cvr Letter


Following are resources related to the Harbor including a presentation from Coastal Zone Management with a summary of the Designated Port Area (DPA) review process, draft report along with materials from past zoning meetings.


Beverly DPA Review Presentation Comprehensive Zoning Planning Process Presentation

Compiled Comments_

Public Meeting Stakeholder Compiled Comments

November 5th Presentation: 141020 Framework Plan Presentation_Draft Link to video streaming of the November 5th public meeting:

Link to video streaming of the June 26th public meeting: