Beverly Harbor and Waterfront Plan




The City has worked proactively to encourage appropriate development along the Beverly Harbor and waterfront that allows for mixed-uses, supports water dependent uses, and improves public access while respecting the character of surrounding neighborhoods.  The creation of a Harbor and Waterfront Plan is the next step in taking a comprehensive look at how the Beverly Harbor and Bass River could be enhanced.

Beverly Harbor Plan Final (2019)

Flier regarding November 15, 2018 Open House

Flier regarding May 17, 2018 Open House and May 22 Public Meeting

Public Meeting PowerPoint Presentation 3-22-18

Public Meeting Responses to Group Exercise 3-22-18

Public Meeting Powerpoint Presentation 5-22-2018

Public Meeting-Responses to Group Exercise May 22-2018


Chapter 91 Existing Conditions and Example of Allowable Bldg Size

Presentation to Beverly Harbor-Waterfront Plan Advisory Committee 9-20-18

Materials presented at Open House on November 15, 2018:

Overview of Project

Description/Illustration of Chapter 91 Impact on Any Future Development

Illustration of Public Input Identifying Priorities

Draft Plan Elements

DRAFT- GEI Analysis of Waterfront Elements

Prior Beverly Harbor Plan

Beverly Harbor Master Plan Final (2003)