Beverly Harbor and Waterfront Plan


The City has worked proactively to encourage appropriate development along the Beverly Harbor and waterfront that allows for mixed-uses, supports water dependent uses, and improves public access while respecting the character of surrounding neighborhoods.  The creation of a Harbor and Waterfront Plan is the next step in taking a comprehensive look at how the Beverly Harbor and Bass River could be enhanced.

DRAFT HARBOR/WATERFRONT PLAN(Appendices A, B, C, D) as of 7-22-2019

Flier regarding November 15, 2018 Open House

Flier regarding May 17, 2018 Open House and May 22 Public Meeting

Public Meeting PowerPoint Presentation 3-22-18

Public Meeting Responses to Group Exercise 3-22-18

Public Meeting Powerpoint Presentation 5-22-2018

Public Meeting-Responses to Group Exercise May 22-2018


Chapter 91 Existing Conditions and Example of Allowable Bldg Size

Presentation to Beverly Harbor-Waterfront Plan Advisory Committee 9-20-18

Materials presented at Open House on November 15, 2018:

Overview of Project

Description/Illustration of Chapter 91 Impact on Any Future Development

Illustration of Public Input Identifying Priorities

Draft Plan Elements

DRAFT- GEI Analysis of Waterfront Elements