The Department of Planning and Development is responsible for coordinating all of the planning and development-related activities of the City including land use and master planning, economic development, open space conservation and historic preservation. The Department oversees the work of the Conservation Commission, Design Review Board, Economic and Community Development Council, Historic District Commission, Open Space and Recreation Committee, Parking and Traffic Commission, Community Preservation Committee and Planning Board.

Please email Phyllis Kennedy at to receive electronic copies of the agendas.  Your email should specify the committee you would like an agenda for.  The Department also includes the Community Development Office which administers grant funds for housing rehabilitation, and programming to support affordable housing.

A summary of current and recent planning efforts can be found below:


The City of Beverly has been working with the transportation planning firm Nelson/Nygaard to  develop a comprehensive downtown parking strategy. Through data collection, statistical analysis, and information gathered through public meetings and stakeholder interviews Nelson/Nygaard has prepared a draft set of recommendations to assist the City in improving access to parking in downtown Beverly.

The City hosted a public meeting February 2nd at the City Hall Council Chambers. follow this link to review the presentation, and come back soon as video of the meeting will be posted on this page.


The City of Beverly received a $89,981 grant from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) to identify potential impacts of sea level rise due to climate change and sea level rise and develop a resiliency strategy to begin address these potential impacts, particularly on critical infrastructure.

CURRENT NEWS – The final public meeting will be held on June 10, 2017, 11:00am to 1:00pm at Lynch Park Carriage House. All ages welcome and encouraged to attend. Food will be available.

Visit this page for more information about the planning process and review presentations and preliminary plan documents.


The City of Beverly Planning Department presented a draft zoning amendment for the Bass River neighborhood at a public meeting held on January 19, 2017.  The proposed Bass River Neighborhood zoning amendment seeks to create a vibrant transit oriented mixed-use neighborhood with improved public access to the Bass River waterfront. Visit the Bass River Rezoning Page to find the presentation and link to the BevCam video of the meeting.

The Planning Department has been working over the past year to develop this zoning amendment for land along the Bass River adjacent to River Street, after a kick-off meeting held on January 28, 2016. This process was envisioned in the Bass River District Vision + Action Plan (2014). The Bass River Rezone link below provides additional background information.


The City is preparing a Community Housing Plan to better understand the City of Beverly’s current and future housing needs. The plan will provide up-to-date information on local housing issues, identify priority housing needs, articulate a vision, and develop a strategy to provide a range of housing types that meet the needs of a wide variety of households.

The Community Housing Plan is currently in the final review stage. More information can be found here.


The City of Beverly held a meeting on April 7 for a traffic calming study around the area of Henry’s intersection. Following is a link to the power point presentation:  Traffic Calming Study: Dodge/Cabot/County


Click here for more information on the completed rezoning process for the Beverly Harbor Area.