General Information

Application Requirements – 1 and 2-Family Dwellings

Application-Summary-Table-residential-1.pdf (4 KB)

This table summarizes the licenses and permits required for construction/repairs/alterations to 1 and 2-family dwellings

Application Requirements – Commercial Construction

Application-Summary-Table-1-commercial.pdf (142.15 KB)

This table sumarizes theĀ licenses and permits required for construction/alterations/repairs to all structures other than 1 or 2-family dwellings

Deck Construction Guide – DCA 6

Deck-Construction-Guide-DCA-6.pdf (4.04 MB)

Decks – Coastal Construction

Decks-Coastal.pdf (476.24 KB)

Procedures for Securing an Abandoned Building

Board-Up-Procedures.pdf (137.34 KB)

Stairway Construction

Stairway-Manuf-Assoc.pdf (1.36 MB)

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New Two (2) Trash Barrel Limit Policy begins May 14, 2018

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